"The days of 'going back to the drawing board' are over. My digital product designs are easy to alter with just few clicks on my computer." - David Van Schie, Innovative Wood Worx Owner

Innovative Wood Worx takes the guess work out of designing custom wood projects. Its digital design technology allows you to see 3D renderings of your unit before it's built. No more trying to decipher architectural sketches or looking at tiny product samples. Want to see how your cabinets would look with a different wood finish? No problem. Think the kitchen island might be a too wide? David can easily show you how a narrower version would look. Working digitally also means project drafts can easily be emailed over to you. Or make an appointment to come into the shop to refine the designs in person. After all, it's important for your custom project to come out exactly how you've envisioned it.

Take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY to see examples of the 3D drawings, along with the finish products.

Creative & Unique Designs

Unique, fresh, and traditional designs.

Custom Built In Our Shop

Completely fabricated in our Barrie shop.

Software Customized For You

Computer designs customized for your home.